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Traditional Financial Advice Has Not Helped You

Wall Street has made investing confusing. They’ve cluttered your finances. And they’ve done this while racking up a larger tax bill for you.

Not only this, Wall Street has actually lobbied Washington for years so they can continue in this way! 
Brownlee Wealth Management exists to change this.

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Oil & Gas Professionals

Let us help you optimize company benefits to minimize your tax burden and successfully retire.


Let us help you translate your entrepreneurial success into financial independence.

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See how we can organize your ExxonMobil savings plan and optimize your future taxes.


Understand the tax opportunities between your ESIP and pension.


Understand your provident fund and eighty-point pension and how they fit in with your financial plan.

Anadarko/Oxy Western Midstream

Everything from the COC to the unique benefit plans of Oxy & WES – discover how to leverage them to accelerate your retirement.

ConocoPhillips & Phillips 66

See how we can help you prepare for retirement

About Brownlee Wealth Management

Brownlee Wealth Management exists to bring clarity to your financial life. When you simplify your investments and lower your taxes, your family’s wealth grows. We aim to be the single best option available for the small number of families we serve. Read more about what we’re building here.

Want To Retire From The Oil & Gas Industry In 5-10 Years?

Retire From ExxonMobil

Understand how to build your portfolio across different tax registrations.

Retire From Chevron

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We understand how important financial security is as you prepare for retirement. Set yourself up for the future with a financial plan you are confident in.


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