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Our white papers are educational resources for professionals and retirees from these companies. It’s a culmination of my experience working with clients retiring from each company combined with interviews I conducted with CPAs and estate planning attorneys throughout Houston.

Retire From ExxonMobil

Understand how to build your portfolio across different tax registrations.

Retire From Chevron

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Financial Planning as the CFP Board defines it includes estate planning, insurance, tax planning, retirement, and investments. These components can be broken down into four layers.

  • Universal. The first layer is basic financial principles that apply to virtually everyone.

  • Industry-Specific. This next layer is a little more nuanced. As I wrote in this blog, financial planning for Oil & Gas professionals/retirees is unique and different than others. There are principles in this niche that don’t apply to everyone.

  • Company-Specific. The reason a large chunk of my articles or videos dives deep into one company’s 401k/pension/benefit plan is that several O&G companies have complex structures with large tax implications.

  • Family or Individual Specific. Every financial plan is different because every person is different. At this level, we apply the first three and merge them with your personal situation, dreams, and values.

With our educational content, we like to span the first three layers. Oil & Gas company benefits are unique enough that it requires significant teaching to make sound decisions. With our clients in an advisory relationship, we like to merge them all in an ongoing partnership.

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