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The Dividend Dilemma

In my late April newsletter, I devoted all of it to the enduring power of dividends. And to be clear, I love the dividends produced from a low-cost, globally-diversified, passive portfolio. In that environment, I am extremely...

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What Do We Do About ARKK?

ARKK is an actively managed ETF by Cathie Wood. It primarily invests in tech companies with large growth potential. Cathie has become a Wall Street rockstar over the past two years. Why? ARKK was probably the greatest equity...

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Walmart 401k: The Pros & Cons

Interested in lowering your lifetime tax rate, optimizing your investments, and planning for retirement? Schedule a short call now! In this post, we’ll discuss how you can maximize the positives and plan around the...

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Navigating the Shell Provident Fund

The Shell Provident Fund (Shell 401k) is known for being one of the best 401k plans in America. So much so that I know multiple financial firms that can’t stand it because it’s hard to convince retirees to rollover...

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