Category: Financial Planning

Required Minimum Distributions

In this episode, we discuss how high-net-worth investors should think about RMDs. We also discuss why young accumulators should care about RMDs despite being decades away from taking them. Regardless of your age, RMDs will...

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Investing in All-Time Highs

In this episode, we discuss the S&P breaking through to new all-time highs. Is investing in all-time highs a bad idea? What does the data say? Can you be a value investor and invest at all-time highs? How does your time...

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Petroleum Engineering with Nathan Meehan

In this episode, we visit with Nathan Meehan to discuss all things petroleum engineering. We discuss his career, his transition from the private sector to academia, and the future of energy education. Show Notes ┬áNathan’s...

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Top Tax Prep Mistakes

In this episode, we discuss the most common tax mistakes we see. We also share horror stories of six-figure tax mistakes we’ve identified for clients. Lastly, we provide ideas to ensure you avoid these costly mistakes....

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2023 Year-End Review

In this year-end review, we discuss investment returns, the biggest storylines, our biggest surprises, and why we’re bullish going into 2024. We also review some of the expert “consensus” forecasts that aged...

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Chevron Benefits Review

In this episode, we do a deep dive into Chevron’s benefits. We provide an overview of the key employee benefits and strategies to optimize these benefits. We also compare the benefits to other supermajors and provide our...

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Supermajor M&A: FPOG Podcast

When does a supermajor become a Super-Duper major? In the episode, we discuss Chevron acquiring Hess and ExxonMobil acquiring Pioneer Natural Resources. We talk about the deals, what they say about the state of the industry, and...

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Managing Risk Episode 60: FPOG Podcast

In this episode, we discuss: what risk is, how it changes over time, common risks we see for Oil & Gas professionals, and how to manage them. We also question the merits of a risk tolerance questionnaire as a comprehensive...

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